Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg

Projet GO – Project funding request to the SNJ

Project GO is an initiative run by the SNJ (National Youth Service) that aims to provide financial support for initiatives of the youth sector or groups of young people (aged 12-29 inclusive). An annual budget of €100,000 is set aside for this purpose. The financing principle is to reimburse expenses incurred after a contract has been signed.

Applications for financial support are processed by a selection committee, which meets at least once a month. Applications are processed in chronological order of submission. Please note that, under certain circumstances, your application might not be processed at the next committee meeting. The committee reserves the right to refuse any project starting less than two months after submission. Similarly, the committee reserves the right to refuse recurring and multiple projects from the same project organizer or to adjust the amount of the financial request.

Who can submit an application:

Eligibility criteria:


Please note: