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Bakhtina Yulia




4, rue des Carrieres L-1316 Luxembourg

Quantum Leap asbl

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Organisation de jeunes

Quantum Leap Luxembourg is a non-profit youth organization registered in Luxembourg.
The organization is built on the philosophy that small changes among large groups lead to quantum leaps in the consciousness of the majority. Therefore, the name “Quantum Leap” was chosen.
We understand that the world can be changed for the better only if people’s consciousness changes.
In the modern age of permissive Internet, young people go into cyber reality and find it difficult to realize themselves in the real world. Some bright young people, ready to change the world for the better, ready to work on themselves, often do not find support among their environment. As a result, they have the illusion that they are not like everyone else and no one needs their ideas.
Our task is to unite such young people who are ready to develop, who understand that humanity can live in peace and prosperity. To do this, you need to change the destructive consciousness to a creative one.
Using the opportunities of international mobility, we want to unite active youth from different European countries. Such an exchange will help expand worldview, develop tolerance towards different cultures, languages and manifestations. Working together on one project will help participants unite and develop creative projects that will be international. Through this coming together, the strength and confidence of the participants will increase, which will help them, in turn, develop a joint strategic plan to attract more like-minded people who share the vision of making a positive impact on the environment.
We want to use our experience gained during the youth exchange “Youth and Social Networks” and want to create an open forum that will facilitate international meetings on various topics, bringing together different goals and thereby supporting interaction between people and organizations with similar interests.
The target group of Quantum Leap Luxembourg is civil society in general and especially young people, the generation capable of making a difference. We deeply believe that the active participation of young people can empower themselves, their friends and the communities around them.