✨Soirée Dignityland✨Political Participation from talking to doing

  • Datum

    17.12.2022 - 17.12.2022

    17:00 - 21:00

  • Plaz
    40 Bd Pierre Dupong, 1430 Luxembourg
  • Präis
  • Fir ween?

    15-25 Joer

  • Sproochen
    LU, FR, DE, EN


🕹Game Night🕹
You want to get involved in local political decisions?🛟

Put yourself in the shoes of the decision-makers and discover the value of your civic engagement, the influence of your voice on society and your participation in local decisions.🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

🚀Get involved in politics, take power and expand your influence🚀

🧩Join us at the Forum Geesseknäppchen to take part in an immersive experience and live the political participation.

Kontakt Organisateur

(ALDIC)L'Association luxembourgeoise pour le dialogue interculturel
Laïsa da Cruz
138, boulevard de la Pétrusse L-2330 Luxembourg

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